A new casino could be coming to downtown Danville

DANVILLE, Ill. (WAND) - For almost ten years, Danville's tallest building sat vacant. 

Recently purchased by Chris and Jeri Collins, the Bresee Tower is now known as Collins Tower. 

The 13-story vacant office building, located in downtown Danville, could be turned into a number of different things.

Alderman of Danville, Dan Duncheon, says the new owners hope to turn the tower into a 1920's themed hotel, and investors are considering adding a casino to the overall plan. 

"Downtown is a blank palette for businesses to come in," Duncheon said. "This is what we've been waiting for."

Danville Mayor Scott Eisenhauer has lobbied state lawmakers for years to approve a gambling expansion in Illinois that would include a casino license for Danville. 

"I've been led to believe that if there is a gambling expansion bill, Danville would be the recipient of one of those licenses," Duncheon said. 

The new owners recently laid out their plans to the Vermillion County board, hoping a 20 to 40-room hotel, a casino, auditorium, indoor amusement park, shops and restaurants would go into the tower. They are also hoping to expand the area around the building.

The development could cost as much as $70 million. The plans would also be eligible for certain tax credits that could help fund almost two-thirds of the project. 

"If Danville got a casino license, there would be millions of dollars in development, jobs, construction, restaurants and it would make Danville a destination," Duncheon added.

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