MT. ZION, Ill. (WAND) - Road signs were recently stolen from the Mount Zion and Long Creek areas.

The Macon County Highway Department said the majority of signs stolen are stop and yield signs. Joe Moretti, the assistant county engineer, said it is not cheap getting each of them replaced. 

"We call them e-911 signs. Those are $375 to replace one of those," Moretti explained. 

There are two people who are primarily on a 'sign crew' with the Highway Department. The department makes all of the signs for the county roads.

Stealing a road sign might be viewed as petty theft. However, Moretti said it is dangerous for drivers. 

"It's being short-sighted and not thinking about the impact of somebody's life or your life if you get caught," Moretti said. 

The Macon County Sheriff's Office said stealing a road sign can create a 'snowball effect' of consequences. Lt. Jamie Belcher said that can lead up to a felony and possible time in prison of up to seven years. That depends on the value of the sign. 

"Plus the court fees, fines, everything else," Belcher said. "Then the backdoor effect of that individual suing you." 

One can find custom road signs online or even by checking scrap yards.