SPRINGFIELD, Ill. (WAND) - The Springfield Fire Department released a cause for a fire that heavily damaged Club Station House. 

SFD said the fire was caused by improperly discarded oil rags. The Springfield Fire Chief said this is a fairly common cause of fires when people are remodeling. 

The chief said the oiled rags were thrown into a trash can, causing the oils in the rag to spontaneously combust. 

"It's a fairly common cause of fires when people are remodeling, especially in this case. This is what they were doing, they wanted to refinish their bar for lack of a better word take advantage that they were closed for business make there bar look a little better and just discarded of those rags that concern us," said Fire Chief Allen Reyne. 

The chief says oil rags should be discarded in a metal container or let them dry out. 

The building was heavily damaged after catching fire early Friday morning. There were no injuries, responders said, everyone managed to escape before crews arrived. 

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