DECATUR, Ill. (WAND) – A new push for increased mask use is being proposed by at least one Decatur city council member.

The idea is in its very beginning phases and comes as the Illinois Department of Public Health reminds everyone of the importance of wearing a mask.

"You say excuse me when you bump into someone,” the video says. “Here's another thing you do just because it is right. You wear a mask in public."

The video from IDPH tells viewers that wearing a mask in public is the kind thing to do.

"We have to keep everyone safe,” Councilman David Horn said.

Horn wants to amend city code to require businesses to follow health and safety guidelines. The first-term councilman wants to add things like requiring everyone to wear a mask, social distance and wash their hands when taking part in activities like dining out, gambling or being in a bar.

"If one restaurant does not require masks to be worn as per the guidelines, customers could in theory be infected at that restaurant and then go somewhere else and infect someone else,” he said.

Decatur does not currently have an ordinance requiring any of Horn’s suggestions, but as part of the permitting processes in place for businesses to take part curbside dining, they are expected to follow phase four guidelines.

"While many businesses are following the health and safety guidelines, not all of these businesses are following these guidelines,” he said.

Horn also believes that masks should be more readily accessible for all Decatur residents and when that happens, Horn believes enforcement should take place, and that could include a fine.

"The city has a responsibility to protect the health and safety of its residents,” he said.

Decatur’s city manager said at this point there is no plan to draft a mask ordinance. WAND News also reached out to all the other members of council Two of them got back to us. One of them declined to comment at this time, and another said there is no discussion set.

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