DECATUR, Ill. (WAND)- A treasure hunt in Decatur is underway thanks to a business created by a Decatur man.

23-year-old Quentin Wiley is the creator of his own business, 'Riddle Rewards'. 

"The mission statement is to bring more fun things to Decatur and so what I came up with is a monthly treasure hunt. If you find the capsule I'm giving away 1000 dollars," Wiley said.

This is the first treasure hunt Wiley has put together through his business. He hopes the 1,000 dollar grand prize will generate buzz in the community.

"I currently do not have a job, I'm going all in on this business and giving it everything I've got," Wiley said.

Wiley's business is 100 percent self-funded.

"This is just savings I've had plus some money I've made off of investments through stocks and stuff like that. There's a saying I like: Cash is trash. It's always best to invest in yourself and try and build something."

To participate in the treasure hunt, you must first sign up on It costs three dollars a month to be a 'Riddle Rewards' member. You'll then download the 'Patreon' App and wait for Wiley's riddle.

"At the beginning of the month I will be posting a Riddle -- it will not give you the exact location, but it will help you in some sort of way as long with a picture and a map with a circle with the capsule to make sure people will find it," Wiley said.

Wiley hopes more people will eventually become members of 'Riddle Rewards' so he can give away more money in treasure hunts to come.

"I really hope they invest the money into themselves and do what they can to better their lives. That's why I really want this to catch on so I'm giving away 4000 dollars a month or 8000 a month because that's really life changing," Wiley said.

The treasure hunt will go on for the entire month of July or until someone finds the winning capsule. For more information on the treasure hunt, visit the 'Riddle Rewards' website. 

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