Travis C. Stewart

Travis C. Stewart, 35 

DECATUR, Ill. (WAND) – A man flattened a Macon County Sheriff’s Department squad car tire with a knife, deputies said.

Travis C. Stewart, 35, is accused of approaching the car, which was parked at the Decatur Public Transit Center, on the afternoon of Jan. 13 as its driver worked security, then sticking a 6-inch knife into the rear left tire. A bus rider told the deputy about what had happened.

Sworn statements said the deputy then reviewed surveillance video and saw Stewart enter the transit center, stare at the deputy when passing him in the hall, then turn around to look at the deputy after passing him near the restroom. According to the documents, Stewart then left the restroom and went to a bench, where he dug into the bottom of a backpack.

Deputies said Stewart went outside and waited for a nearby employee to leave the parking lot, then approached the left rear side of the squad car and cut the tire.

The deputy said he found the suspect at the Decatur Public Library and arrested him.

Stewart spray-painted and defaced the Decatur Police Department building in 2019, deputies said. He began serving probation for criminal defacement of property in December 2019, and now faces a new count of criminal damage to state property.

Stewart’s bail is set at $25,000 in Macon County.