DECATUR, Ill. (WAND) - For at least 10 years, a group of friends would visit the old Scovill Golf Course for a bike ride.

They would ride race on a mile-and-a-half route for seven laps. Frankly, it took an interesting bunch to ride bikes in weather below 50 degrees. 

"Yeah, it's definitely a different group of individuals," said Kyle May, who is the owner of Spin City Cycles. 

What they do is called Cylocross. It's a combination of cross country with bike riding. One of May's friends would have enjoyed the latest event. They would race every Wednesday during the fall. 

"He was a good dude," May said. "He came out here with us every year." 

The race is called the Sean Marling Memorial Cyclocross Series. However, Sean is still alive. May said he moved to Germany.

Marling is described as a "spirited" bike rider who would find ways to make the race more challenging for himself. 

It was more of a reason for May and his friends to ride out in the middle of the night. It should be known if people are up for a similar challenge, Scovill Cyclocross is hosting another race on Sunday, Nov. 10.