Grand st. shooting

SPRINGFIELD, Ill. (WAND) – Broken glass litters a Springfield sidewalk more than 24 hours after a shooting ends with one person dead, and six others hurt – four of them victims of gun fire.  

Police started getting calls about shots fired near South Grand and 11th around 2:30 Saturday morning.


“I will also be in route. It sounds like they have several victims’ shots,” an officer could be heard saying in police radio traffic as the situation unfolded.

A total of five people were shot in the incident. Police say three of the victims were treated and released, and two others were hurt trying to escape the madness. Police originally said all four of the victims had been released. The department confirmed on Sunday that none of the shooting victim's were residents of Springfield.

Springfield police say Carlos Dozer, 22, died from multiple gun shots after the early morning shooting inside the former beauty supply store. Dozier’s family described him as a “caring man”. He was a father of two. His youngest less than a month old, and his oldest one year old.

"Definitely concerning,” Springfield alderman Shawn Gregory said. “I have some concerns. Definitely not something I wanted to be woken up to in the wee hours of the night".

Gregory told WAND News the people attending the party were not expecting to leave the event scared for their lives.

“Everyone who attends these parties are not going to seek violence, or anything like this."

Every available unit in the Springfield area was called to the scene, including the Sangamon County Sheriff’s Office, and Illinois State Police. The Sangamon County Coroner is also assisting with the investigation. Gregory said that was concerning.

“All those citizens who need those services deserve those services,” he said. “I know we are in tight spot with COVID and things and even overnight and not being fully staffed overnight as normally we would be important to keep our numbers up.”

The location where the shooting took place is now rented out for private parties and events. Fliers on social medica advertised an event called “If I like it, I spend it” and said the event feature “strippers” and that women would drink for free. Videos of the event online show a large crowd surrounded by money. Because of the nature of those videos, WAND News is not showing them. Request for comment from the organizer have not been responded to.

Springfield police say many of the people at the party, including the organizer, are from Decatur. The police department says it is unclear how they are connected to the shooting, if at all, but they are looking into the claims.

Anyone with information concerning this crime or any other crime is asked to call the Springfield Police Department (217) 788-8311 and/or Sangamon/Menard County Crime Stoppers (217) 788- 8427.

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