Mikayla Murray -- Decatur Digital Artist

Mikayla Murray is a rising artist in Decatur. She designs majority of her art from her smart tablet -- she's currently illustrating two children's books.

DECATUR, Il. (WAND) -- Art has always been there for Mikayla Murray in the darkest times of her life.

"I had a miss-carriage in 2017 and so I took a couple weeks off work and spent a lot of time afterwards painting because i needed to keep my mind busy," Mikayla Murray, a digital artist in Decatur said. "I needed to keep my mind off of that."

During a time of tragedy, Murray was able to discover herself.

"That's when my style really developed. That's when I was pouring myself into my work and creating more work consistently. That's when everything clicked for me," Murray said.

Murray's love for digital art led her to create things like stickers she designs from her tablet --  her favorite being this one of a rainbow. She made the design exactly one year after her miss-carriage as a symbol of hope.

"It's a little heart breaking when anybody buys one of those because to me its like 'Oh so you went through that loss -- you know pain, but I'm glad I can be there during their healing'," Murray said. 

 Now that healing turned into happiness -- as a freelance artist,  Mikayla is designing digital illustrations for two children's books.

"I haven't done anything like it before. The book illustrations are for my friend Tina. she wrote a book called 'How to make friends with a Shark', Murray said. "I sent her the mock-up and she was like yeah I really like that, so the cover is almost done. I'm like 90 percent done now."

As a local artist, Murray is excited for her art to get more exposure because her art comes from a place of joy.

"I want people to look at it and feel happy -- just relieve the heaviness of life because I developed my style while I was going through a lot of trauma," Murray said. "It helped take that away for me and that's what I want to do for people."

You can learn more about Mikayla and her art on her website.



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