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BLOOMINGTON, Ill. (NBC) - An Illinois lottery player has a lot to be thankful for this Thanksgiving holiday.

According to the Illinois Lottery, someone scored a Lucky Day Lotto ticket worth $550,000 at a gas station in Bloomington.

The winning ticket was sold at Freedom Oil, located at 1801 S. Veterans Pkwy, according to the lottery. It matched all five numbers for the Nov. 20 drawing to win the jackpot. These were the winning numbers: 9-12-16-33-44.

“Excitement and curiosity got the best of me so I reviewed our store’s recorded videos to see who might have bought the winning ticket,” Danielle Franks, store manager of Freedom Oil in Bloomington, said in a statement. “However, even after viewing the tapes, I honestly don’t know - but whether it’s a local or out of town customer, we are very happy that the ticket was purchased at our store.” 

The gas station now gets a bonus of $5,500, or 1% of the prize, for selling the winning ticket.

“The retail bonus couldn’t have been timed more perfectly,” Michael Owens, owner and president of Freedom Oil Company, said in a statement. “To show our appreciation to our hard-working managers and employees, we plan to add the lottery bonus to our annual Christmas bonus this year – making it a little merrier this holiday season.” 

The ticket marks the 28th prize of $500,000 or more for Lucky Day Lotto so far this year in Illinois.

In total, more than 18,500 winning tickets were sold, and nearly $600,000 in prizes were won in the Nov. 20 evening Lucky Day Lotto drawing, the Illinois Lottery reported.

Winners have one year from the date of the winning draw in which to claim their prize.

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