URBANA, Ill. (WAND) - A jury has found Michael Henslick guilty of murdering Holly Cassano. 

Cassano was found stabbed to death on Nov. 2, 2009. Her accused killer was arrested in 2018 after DNA linked him to the crime scene. 

The jury has asked that he receive a life sentence. His official sentencing will be March 30.

Closing arguments wrapped up before 12:30 Friday afternoon.

It took the jury less than an hour to convict him.

On Thursday, the jury heard details about how a cigarette butt led to the arrest and questioning of Henslick.

Wednesday, the jury heard statements from both the blood stain pattern analysis and forensic pathologist. They also saw evidence photos taken on the day of the crime from the bedroom and kitchen. 

Crime Srgt. Dwayne Morris with the Illinois State Department said the victim was repeatedly stabbed to death. Jurors learned that Cassano was stabbed between 50 to 60 times. 

State’s Attorney Julia Ruitz walked Morris down the entire scene of the incident and provided multiple pictures to show and address where the blood was coming from.

Morris says upon arrival, the victim had already been removed from the scene and analyzed the blood that was left. He says there was no blood on the immediate doorway path.

When walking in, he saw blood on the floor to the right of the bed and blood on the walls and ceiling.

“The blood source had to be above the bed to allow blood to get to the surface,” said Morris.

Based on the blood, the event occurred in Cassano's bedroom.

“She would’ve been positioned on the top of the bed,” Morris said.

Morris says once analyzing the room, the kitchen area also had blood trials and drip patterns in the sink.

From this, he said her assailant was most likely injured from the waist up because of the drop trails and patterns that were found on the left side of the kitchen sink.

“The injured person may have located something to stop the blood shed before they left the scene,” Morris said.

WAND News is following the trial closely and will bring you the verdict once one has been reached.