CHAMPAIGN, Ill. (WAND) - Feeding Our kids is an organization in Champaign that provides children from elementary to middle school with food to take home every week.

Executive Director Alison Dupre says their collaboration with Two Men and a Truck began six years ago. The movers pick up three thousand pounds of food once a month and deliver it to Feeding Our Children.

“One of our core values is giving back to the community so we’re always looking for ways that we can do that. At one point in the history of Feeding Our Kids, the original founders of the organization I believe were delivering food just in their vehicles and SUVs making multiple trips. Our owner found out about it and said 'Hey we have a way we can help with that,'”  said Business Development Manager for Two Men and a Truck, Travis Blaney.

Feeding Our Kids works with social workers and school liaisons to ensure every child has food to take home. Although they don't have direct contact with those families, they know the families are grateful.

“We don’t know our families. We maintain anonymity between ourselves and families, but the social workers and the school liaisons know the families and they’ve heard from them. The families are thankful that they’re able to receive our weekend bags,”  said Dupre.

During longer holiday breaks, the organization adds extra food for children.

“Of course on the holidays and those long breaks we give them a little extra and try to expand their palette a little bit with some different food choices. If I’m really stretching them I’ll also include a recipe card for how to make that food so they’re not too scared to try new things,” said the Director of Nutrition, Michaela Kruse.

Feeding Our Children also works with schools in Rantoul, Fisher, and Tuscola.

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