URBANA, Ill. (WAND) -- Doctors see patients in and out of their offices daily. Some of those are patients with breast cancer.

Now, they want to see fewer faces.

About 250 women are diagnosed with breast cancer each year at the Mills Breast Cancer Institute through Carle.

"There are 10,000 mammograms performed here," said medical oncologist Ken Rowland.

He says there's a new Tomosynthesis Mammographic Imaging Screening Trial (TMIST), that originally arrived in 2017, is working on detecting cancer earlier through 2-D and 3-D screening for women between the ages of 47 to 74.

"They're two technologies we've never compared head to head. We don't know which one is better than the other. If one has fewer recalls ... we do know that one is more expensive. We are trying to figure out what's best for women," said Rowland.

The screening will continue for about five years for each woman. Then the doctor tells her how often to get screened — either every year or every other year — based on her individual risks for developing breast cancer.

The trial is currently looking for 168,000 participants nationally. As of now, Carle is happy to announce they have 900 participants on board with the trial. However, they say they are just starting to look for more participants in the Danville Community.

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