James A. Tillman

James A. Tillman, 41

DECATUR, Ill. (WAND) – Police say they are looking for a second suspicious person who ran from officers in Decatur.

A WAND-TV crew saw over a dozen Decatur police cars searching the train tracks north of Eldorado Street Tuesday afternoon. The station also observed a black car parked behind a Subway at Eldorado and 16th that had part of the windshield shattered. A person had called police because they thought the hole in the windshield seemed suspicious, investigators told WAND-TV.

Police say James A. Tillman, 41, and one other person had a collection of suspected stolen power tools in the back of that car, which was a black Pontiac Grand Prix. Tillman is accused of pawning three of those tools that afternoon at Pawn King. 

Police say they seized nine other tools from the car as evidence. Most of the tools are believed to be from River City Construction in Bloomington, as some were marked with "RCC" and several were tagged with blue spray paint. The company had told police they had marked their tools that way before a burglary happened on May 10 at a job site. 

Officers arrested Tillman after they say he ran from a police attempt to catch up with him and a second male suspect. That second person managed to get away from police. 

A Wednesday press release says Tillman and a second unnamed person were placing power tools from a home into a car, which was parked in the 1600 block of Eldorado - a place where residential burglary crimes are common. A Pawn King employee told police they say Tillman and two other male subjects unloading power tools and organizing them in the Grand Prix.

Tillman is the only suspect in custody as of Thursday afternoon.

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