Caitlin Harris

Caitlin Harris, 22 

DECATUR, Ill. (WAND) - Police said a woman who tried to hit her boyfriend with a car in Decatur ended up striking his son instead. 

Police said this happened Tuesday morning in the area of Mound Road and Portage Place. They talked to the boyfriend and learned about the alleged actions of Caitlin C. Harris, 22. 

Police said they learned Harris and the man were in a Portage Place apartment when she tried to bite his arms and hit him in the head with her hands. When he tried to leave, authorities said Harris followed him with a hammer. 

Harris is accused of getting in her vehicle and driving to a lot where Hughes' vehicle was parked. Police said she used the hammer to break windows on his car. 

The boyfriend started recording Harris, a sworn statement said, after which time she could be seen driving in an "aggressive manner." Police said she started driving toward him with the intent to hit him as he stood in a grassy area. 

Authorities said her vehicle ended up hitting the man's son, who is less than 10 years old. Police said she made no attempt to check on the welfare of the child. 

Witnesses helped police locate and arrest the suspect. 

Harris is charged with multiple counts, including aggravated reckless driving, failure to give information or render aid, aggravated battery and other charges. Records show she paid 10 percent of her $7,500 bail and was released from custody Wednesday. 

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