TAYLORVILLE, Ill. (WAND) - A Taylorville police officer's dash camera caught a speeding vehicle nearly cause a crash in oncoming traffic. 

Officers said it happened at about 4 p.m. Thursday along Route 29 in Taylorville, when police were assisting a driver having car trouble in the northbound lane. The officer on scene had positioned  his patrol vehicle behind the car in order to keep its occupants safe. 

At that time, video showed a speeding car moving head-on into soutbound traffic and hitting a guardrail. The officer on the scene entered his patrol vehicle and began a pursuit of the driver, who had brakes that weren't working, according to police.

According to officer Christian Nelson, who handled the pursuit, the woman had moved to the southbound shoulder in order to avoid hitting northbound cars, which were slowed down because of the officer on the side of the road. Her car could not come to a stop unless she put it in park, which she did before police stopped her, causing it to lurch forward.

The woman had a minor in the car with her, police said. She was cited for improper lane usage.

"The police and the media speak almost daily about Scott's Law, also known as move over and pay attention," said Taylorville Police Chief Dwayne Wheeler in a TPD Facebook post. "Please pay attention when you see flashing lights."

"It is just a reminder that this is a very dangerous job,” Nelson said. “You got to do everything you can do to keep you and others safe and sometimes things happen that are beyond your control."

In 2019, 27 Illinois State Police squad cars were hit by drivers violating Scott’s Law, which requires drivers to slow down or move over for any vehicle on the side of the road with its flashers on. Three state troopers were killed by violators of the law in 2019.

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