SPRINGFIELD, Ill. (WAND)- Springfield City Council again rejected a proposal to turn to Wyndham Hotel downtown into an apartment complex. Now the city's mayor said Springfield is at risk of losing millions of dollars.

Good Homes Co. developers wanted to take the Wyndham hotel and transform it into modern apartments for young professionals in Springfield.

"There are very few opportunities. I mean if one wanted to rent an apartment today, there area 3 in St. Nicholas and again its income restricted," David Mitchell, of Good Homes Co. told Springfield City Council Wednesday night.

After concerns that hotel space was already promised to upcoming conventions, developers agreed to keep 100 hotel rooms on floors 3-11. They would also keep the hotel lobby, Starbucks and amenities like a gym and restaurant in tact.

"So there won't be any visible difference to the actual approach to the hotel when you come in," Mitchell explained.

But tourism officials worried the 100 rooms will not be enough for the 26 conventions already under contract from 2023 through 2025.

"They chose downtown because the proximity, the convenience between the two properties connected to the BOS Center as well," Scott Dhal, Director of Visit Springfield, warned.

Now council members are concerned they are trading hotel rooms- that aren't occupied most of the year- for desperately needed downtown housing.

"Devastating blow to our downtown to our reputation to our conventions to everything. I think its a death kiss," Joe McMenamin, Ward 7 Alderman, told WAND News.

The mayor is also worried the owners of the Wyndham could sell the hotel— leaving the city with no hotel rooms in the building. That could jeopardize millions of dollars worth of convention contracts.

"We're talking $30-mil, that's a lot of money, resources, especially in this environment that we're in right now. So whatever we do is going to impact the conventions without a doubt," Mayor Jim Langfelder said.

The Wyndham's current owner owes one million dollars to CWLP in utility bills. Good Homes Co. said the payment would have been settled in the sale of the property.

The current owners have told Mayor Langfelder they plan to sell the building to another apartment developer if the deal was not approved by council. The rezoning ordinance received support from five alderman, but needed seven votes to move forward.

WAND News will continue following this developing story.

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