SPRINGFIELD, Ill. (WAND) - An elementary school in Springfield is finding new ways to keep kids fit.

Enos Elementary, along with HSHS St. John's Hospital, celebrated Project Fit America.

Megan Williams, who works with the hospital's Community Outreach, said St. John's applies for a grant with Project Fit America. They then choose which local school to donate the new equipment too.

"We try to find the schools that we think will utilize the equipment the most, and which ones will have the most impact on the children," Williams said. "This is actually the fourth site we've been to."

According to Williams, this fitness equipment combines both physical and educational aspects.

"A lot of the games kids do are math-oriented, science-oriented ... they even bring in social skill, so the kids aren't just being physically active," Williams said.

Cindy Baugher, the school's physical education teacher, said this grant provides students with both indoor and outdoor equipment.

"A lot of times [people] think it's playground equipment, but it's how you use it. So it's a step-up station, it's a sit-up station, it's parallel bars and monkey bars," Baugher said. "Indoors we have weighted hula hoops as well as cardio cups, medicine balls and jump ropes."

Baugher said it's all about making exercise fun for the kids.

"Kids walk out of here, there's sweat pouring down them, and they have a smile on their face," Baugher said. "If that happens, that's a win."

All of the students took a fitness test at the beginning of the year. The school will give students another fitness test at the end of the year to gauge how effective the equipment was on their health.