St. Louis Inmate Riot

St. Louis, MO. (WAND)- Over 100 inmates took over part of the City Justice Center, located in downtown St. Louis. 

Officials said, the riot injured a corrections officer. 

Beginning at around 2:30 a.m., an inmate got into a fight with the corrections officer. 

Other inmates got involved by jumping the officer. 

According to officials, during the fight, several detainees were able to unlock their cells and get into the fourth-floor unit. 

Jail employees were trying to get the officer to safety when the inmates accessed a lock panel system, releasing more inmates from their cells. 

Public Safety Director Jimmie Edwards said inmates got into the hallway while a different unit on the same floor started to have defiant detainees. 

The second unit's inmates were released from their cells, as well. 

117 inmates were involved in the incident. 

The inmates proceeded to throw items out of broken windows along with starting small fires inside the jail. 

 Items thrown from the windows were scattered across the street below and one car had a shattered windshield. 

Several of the inmates were holding signs and chanting out the windows. 

The inmates didn't have access to other floors, said Edwards. 

With assistance from sheriff's deputies and police the riot was contained by 10 a.m.

The damage left only one usable unit, and inmates where moved to the segregation unit in the jail while others were moved to a medium security institution. 


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