U of I Make-a-Thon

CHAMPAIGN-URBANA Ill. (WAND) - About 70 U of I of students and 15 groups presented solutions for people facing everyday challenges at the Make-a-thon.

Their goal is to create prototypes for people with disablities or everyday challenges someone might be facing. Some protypes that were

displayed to a a group of judges were adjustable clothing for women who cannot tie their clothing for medical issues or disabilities

"Even for abled body women it's difficult to put on a bra behind your back. So we wanted to figure out a way to

help people with hand exterity issues and make them look sexy and feel confident," said U of I student Gemma Atta

Another example displayed was a new version of a prostetic leg protector

"We want to actually eliminate all the space in the back part because it's a

burden to have that space there. They cannot bend their leg because it gets in the way," said U of I student Jay Lee.

They also had wheelchair updates, sole protectors, flooring systems and more.

The ultimate goal is to create meaningful opportunities that can someday be used in the enar future.

Winners will be awarded $100 each.