CHAMPAIGN, Ill. (WAND) - The University of Illinois invited the public to join in on getting an inside look into the study of veterinary medicine on Sunday.

"If you come inside, we have our herpetology booth that's right up front, and they have some little critters with them. Also some snake skin and some fun info about like your herpetology things. And then you can go through the anatomy lab, and we have some kind of creepy stuff in there like parasitology. We got of different kinds of worms ... we also have our pathology club that goes over. We have some actual specimens of like hair balls that were found inside of animals or like different radiographic images of like what happens if you have a certain disease so they're going through that," said Alexandria Talley, a third year vet student on the open house committee.

"Then you go to the large animal department we have a fistulated cow where you can actually see the inside of a cow ... and then we also have our wildlife patients," Talley said.

Another third year vet student shared how this event can make a difference in an often misunderstood job. 

 "It's definitely an underappreciated group of people and a profession as a whole. So it's really cool to get people out, get people see in these kinds of things, get them educated," said Jason Szumski, a third year vet student and class president. 

"Veterinary medicine is so wide and has a great breadth. And you can see so many different things," Szumski said. 

They say this event will hopefully inspire the young to consider becoming a vet, or just give a family a special day to learn more about our earth and the people that study its animals. 

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