Hero of the Week: Brown, Dudek, Gilkey

Join WAND's Gordon Voit every Wednesday for Hero of the Week, where Voit puts the spotlight on a member of the community who is demonstrating unusual character on and off the field!

This week's honoree is a trio of local football players who are demonstrating what it means to "suffer well". Illinois' Dre Brown and Mike Dudek have dealt with nine combined years of injury-plagued seasons. Eastern Illinois quarterback Scotty Gilkey is dealing with elbow surgery himself, in addition to a murky playing situation.

What ties this trio together isn't just the injury bug -- it's how each player is showing character as he navigates the valleys of his career. Dudek has handled his fourth career season-ending injury with class. Brown is keeping a smile on his face despite a fourth year of injury troubles -- in fact he's celebrating his undergraduate degree and a wedding ring. He also volunteers with Fellowship of Christian Athletes and other organizations. Gilkey has organized both a toy drive and a backpack drive to help the kids of the greater Coles County community.

All three have suffered. All three have done it well. It's that example they've set of what to do at that inevitable moment when things don't go according to plan that makes them Hero of the Week.


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