Stuff The Bus

DECATUR, Ill. (WAND) -- The Salvation Army and two Decatur Walmart's are making sure students will have the necessary school supplies for the upcoming school year through their "Stuffing the bus with school supplies" campaign.

"Just grab a pencil or paper or a notebook and throw it in our box it makes a difference here locally," Decatur Salvation Army Lieutenant Kenesa Debela said. "We like to help anyone who comes through our door for book bags or backpacks or pencils."

Until Sunday August 8th, you can go to either Walmart location to make a donation. 

"Even a dollar can go so far - that can get a kid set up for their first two months of school, " Walmart Digital Coach Kyle Hahn said. "Anything will help, these kids have always had it rough so anything the community can do to help provide will be a wonderful statement of hope."

It won't cost you a whole lot to make a difference.

"Right now we have all of our Crayola products on rollback - we have crayons for as low as 25 cents and note books too - maybe even 10 cents," Hahn said. "We have some great deals here at the South Decatur Walmart we would leave to see our customers come in and donate to the Salvation Army."

As many of us know - school supplies are an important ingredient to the recipe of having a great school year. 

"We need to give these children everything they need so they can succeed and so that brings joy to my heart that one child can go to school with the necessary tools they need to do their job," Debela said.

All of the donated school supplies will be distributed at the Decatur Boys and Girls Club on Aug. 27. 

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