SPRINGFIELD, Ill. (WAND) - In 2021, the FBI Internet Crime Complaint Center took in 900,00 complaints with 7 billion dollars worth of losses. The state of Illinois had the fifth highest number of victims and the seventh highest monetary loss. 

FBI and technology safety officials met in Springfield today to discuss cyber security concerns. David Johnson is the head of the Peoria InfraGuard Satellite Chapter, a private sector partner with the FBI. He said there are two main types of threats.  One is cybercrime where people are attempting to steal money and the other is nation-state threats where outside groups are attempting to infiltrate infrastructure. 

Johnson says as their technology advances, so does the technology used by cyber criminals. "This is how it goes, the bad guys take a step forward, the good guys take a step forward, the bad guys take a step forward, every day, their steps being taken," said Johnson.

The FBI monitors trends and hacking schemes to notify the public and companies of safety threats. One new trend is called spear-fishing. This is where people collect your data and use it to replicate you online. 

"They develop a whole bio of a person they're targeting oftentimes through their social media," said David Nanz, a Special Agent in Charge at the FBI Springfield office. "The extent that people can, you know, use the privacy controls, limit the social media to just their friends and family, is definitely going to make them less vulnerable than putting out all the information in their lives, which some people do on social media."

While some internet practices seem like common sense, it only takes one mistake to compromise your information. Nanz said there is no such thing as being too suspicious when it comes to giving your personal information. 

"Be suspicious and challenge," said Regina Burris, Cyber Supervisory Special Agent. "If you don't have to give up your social security number or they just want your date of birth so they can send you coupons on your birthday or something, be extra vigilant about who you share your information with. "

For more information on cyber crimes or to report an incident, visit  the FBI Internet Crime Complaint Center website

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