TAYLORVILLE, Ill. (WAND)- Monday evening’s tornado in Christian County came less than a year after a tornado tore through Taylorville.

Behavioral health experts say surviving severe storms can leave lasting trauma which, in turn, can be triggered by later severe weather.

Jill Crum, director of behavioral health at HSHS St. Mary’s Hospital, described her own experience of those effects.

“In 1974, my home was destroyed by a tornado and thinking back to that time, I remember how thunderstorms would cause anxiety, and I would think ‘Gosh, is this going to happen again?’” Crum said. “It was very helpful that our family developed a plan, and that really decreased our anxiety. When a storm came, we knew what we were going to do, so that was very helpful.”

Crum said it is important that people who struggle with trauma from severe weather seek help sooner than later, as that trauma can become ingrained. She said that help often involves therapy rather than medication.