SPRINGFIELD, Ill. (WAND) - An Illinois lawmaker wants to require the use of paper ballots in state elections. 

State Sen. Darren Bailey (R-Louisville) has filed Senate Bill 2038, which would mandate the use of hand-marked paper ballots by election authorities. Ballots under this bill could be counted by hand or with optical scanners. 

Illinois election leaders would have to set up strict chain-of-command procedures for ballots, voter registration polls and tabulation results. In addition, the Illinois State Board of Elections would have to use software that monitors and detects potential vulnerabilities in voter registration roll security. 

Bailey said old technology is sometimes "still the best option" for elections. He said paper ballots are an "instant and security hard copy" of someone's votes and can be easily reviewed for counts and recounts. 

“Paper ballots aren’t hooked to a modem, connected to the internet, and susceptible to hackers or electronic fraud. They are clear, they are simple, and they are easy for voters to use,” said Bailey. “I firmly believe that paper ballots are the best and most reliable way to secure our vote counts and to restore public confidence in elections.”

Bailey recently announced his plans to seek the Illinois Republican nomination for governor in 2022.

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