Boy Scouts welcome first female Cub Scouts

SPRINGFIELD, Ill. (WAND) — Every scout has a story and for Natasha O’Brien, scouting is in her blood.

Her father was a Boy Scout — as was his father before him.

“She’s excited about wearing [her father’s] Cub Scout shirt,” said grandfather Dan O’Brien.

And now *she* gets to carry on the same legacy.

“I like to meet my friends that are in my troop,” Natasha said.

The Boy Scouts of America announced girls could join their Cub Scout ranks last October. Natasha and her friends are among the first to join up in Illinois.

“I wanted to get a lot of badges so I can show everyone,” said fellow scout Angela Grant.

But this new frontier isn’t just about badges. It’s about life skills.

“We learned what to do with a sunburn or if someone is bleeding,” new scout Tori Zobus said.

Life lessons.

“I wanted to try it to get over my shyness because I get really shy,” Angela said.

And family.

“My husband is a third-generation scout,” said the girls’ Den Leader, Tiffany Higginson. “Now all of my children are fourth-generation scouts.”

“Girls have always been — forever been — a part of cub scouts because they’ve tagged along,” O’Brien said. “They’ve just never been able to get the recognition and earn the badges.”

Natasha has a long way to go before she earns the coveted Eagle Scout rank.

But for now, she and her friends are here to sharpen up their skills and enjoy the ride — because every scout has a story.

If your child wants to join the Boy Scouts of America, click on this link to find a troop or Cub Scout pack near you.