DECATUR, Ill. (WAND) – Businesses across Central Illinois are on track to re-open under phase three of Governor JB Pritzker’s five-phase re-opening plan. Right now, that could happen on Friday, May 29 as long as the state continues to see a lowering number of COVID-19 infections.

"Bad hair days are almost over,” Sheila Lowry, the owner of New Look Salon in Decatur, said. "Everybody is ready. We're ready. We're just waiting on the word."

Under phase three, manufacturing, offices, retail and barbershops and salons can re-open. Those businesses are ready to get back to work. Businesses allowed to re-open will have to do so with extra precautions in place to keep customers, and staff safe.

"We know what to do,” Lowry said. “We will do what we have always done. Clean towel. Clean cape. Sanitize between clients. We always do that."

Those are “common sense” things, according to Lowry. The stylist of 30-years told WAND News that she was taught those things in school, and they are required for her to get her license. What Lowry said she does not know is if the state will require businesses to take extra precautions or if additional guidance will be provided.

"It is the 19th and yet there are no guidelines set forth by IDPH,” she said.

During his Tuesday news conference, Gov. Pritzker responded to a question from WAND News about guidance for businesses preparing to re-open under phase three.

"We basically have a set of safety rules for them to follow as we have several industries,” the governor said. “We will be rolling that out over the next coming days."

It is unclear what that guidance will be, and Lowry calls that a concern, so for now she is increasing cleaning and following social distancing guidelines.

"How can we be expected to follow guidelines if we do not have them?"

Under phase three, gyms and health clubs are also allowed to re-open for individual one-on-one training and outdoor classes. Groups of 10 ore fewer will be allowed to gather if social distancing is followed. Restaurants remain restricted to carryout and delivery services only.

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