DECATUR, Ill. (WAND) - Nurses who work in the COVID-19 unit at Decatur Memorial Hospital were thanked for their efforts by a local church organization Thursday. 

Real Time Ministries brought treats to these nurses to show their appreciation. They recently had a church leader come down with COVID-19 over the summer, and that experience inspired them to make a difference. 

"The nurses appreciate the thank yous so much when people recognize everything they've done for the patients, and it's so rewarding when a patient that's been here and been treated comes back and sees us and they've gotten well, and it means the world to them," said DMH Vice President and Chief Nursing Officer Sharon Norris. 

"It's very important that we acknowledge our nurses because a lot of things that they (do) go unnoticed and we take them for granted so much," said Pastor Dennis Lyles of Real Time Ministries. "But when people are in dire need and they need to be well, it's important that somebody's there to feed them. Somebody's there to give them their medications, and a lot of times we take these things for granted." 

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