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DANVILLE, Ill. (WAND) – A Danville police officer accused of assault and making threats after a fight is facing charges Friday.

The charges, which include two Class A misdemeanor counts of domestic battery and another two for Class C misdemeanor assault, are against 39-year-old Brian Cornett of Tilton. A press release sent out Friday evening said this all stems from an incident that happened outisde the American Legion in Danville on Thursday night.

Vermilion County State’s Attorney Jacqueline Lacy told The News-Gazette Cornett had started yelling at his teenage daughter, “calling her names and threatening to beat her”. She said the husband of Cornett’s ex-wife told him not to talk to the daughter that way before the ex-wife jumped between the two men.

Cornett is accused of then grabbing his ex-wife by the shoulders and throwing her to the ground, then making death threats against her husband.

Cornett paid the $300 required to be released and is out of jail Friday. He is now on administrative leave.

The newspaper reported a judge told Cornett he is not allowed to have contact with the victims or visit where they live. He also had to hand in his weapons and FOID card.

The Danville Police Department asked Illinois State Police to help the investigation, to avoid any conflicts of interest. ISP are now conducting a follow-up investigation.

Cornett has been a patrol officer with Danville police since November 2013.