Decatur learning center closed, allegations of employment discrepancies

DECATUR, IL (WAND) - Sources tell WAND News the Little Minds Learning Center recently closed because it did not have enough employees. Parents claim it was communicated yesterday. The learning center sent an apology out and in it-it said "we had a significant challenge at the center". Apparently, a number of employees quit. A former employee told WAND News they were getting bounced checks.

Freda Mathews said she used to work the LMLC. Mathews said she'd stop getting direct deposits, sometimes she'd get personal checks on pay-day. Mathews' she received a cashier's check but her bank wouldn't accept it. Mathews claimed the learning center still owes her two more checks and she's not gotten pay stubs for months. 

"[It's] Very frustrating working at an agency when you give your all when you leave home to go to work," Mathews said. "That's the last thing you should think about when you're living on an income you're expecting to receive." 

The Little Minds Learning Center is a franchise. WAND News called the Decatur location and the corporate office for clarification. The learning center is expected to open December 10.