best buy sign language

FORSYTH, Ill. (WAND) — Knowing when to help is often as simple as just looking for the right sign.

Alyssa Ingenito doesn't just see the signs; she uses them.

"I like to help," she said. "I'm still trying to learn to this day...When [my coworkers] saw me help out a deaf customer, [they said] 'wow! you know sign language?!'"

Ingenito has spent the past year working customer service and checking up on the high tech merchandise in other departments. But her biggest contribution to the Forsyth Best Buy is her handiwork in communication.

"It's phenomenal to have somebody who can be that resource for our customers [and] also build up our employees," said store general manager Jendie Getty.

Ingenito has taught many of the store's employees how to sign their names and simple sentences. Their work learning at least part of a new language is paying off.

"We've had repeat families coming back in because they come in [and] they ask for Alyssa because of her ability to sign," Getty said.

"Just like most things, when you try to get someone to do it at first, they're kind of apprehensive," Ingenito said. "But they see the ease in it and I...teach them when they ask."