DECATUR, Ill. (WAND) - A man is charged with making bomb threats against two Decatur hospitals.

Police said they used caller ID to identify 28-year-old Mikhail Erickson as the suspect.

Bomb threats were made to St. Mary's and Decatur Memorial Hospital Tuesday night around 8. 

In the call to St. Mary's, police said he told the person on the phone "just so you know, St. Mary's is going to blow up in three minutes" and hung up while on hold. He told DMH "I'm calling about a bomb threat" twice before the call ended, according to officers.

Erickson was booked for felony disorderly conduct. 

Law enforcement told WAND News the threats tied up police and firefighters for several hours.  

According to previous reports from WAND, Erickson was previously arrested in July for damaging glass at a Decatur bank and church. 

He admitted to damaging windows at a bank and church by throwing rocks and chunks of concrete at them.