NEW YORK (WAND) - A “Jeopardy!” contest may have let nerves get the best of her on Thursday night’s episode.

Priscilla Drobes, a stay-at-home mom from New York only got two questions correct. It seemed as if she was visibly nervous.

Alex Trebek said at the end of show “"Priscilla, I think nerves got the best of you today ... You were just so nervous,"

She finished with a -$5,400 and didn’t qualify for Final Jeopardy.

Fans and former contestants decided to reach out to her with some positive words.

Another contestant, Chris Jacobs, who was at Thursday's tapping said you could tell she was nervous and shaking while giving her responses. 

Jacobs said the most touching moment came after the show, when Trebek pulled Drobes aside and talked to her one on one. Jacobs said it's not clear what he said to her.