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SPRINGFIELD, Ill. (WAND) – The Springfield Police Department has named winners of its highest awards.

The awards were presented to winners Thursday at the Police Meritorious Awards Banquet. Leaders recognized 34 officers from different divisions for outstanding police work in the 2018 calendar year and four Springfield residents for “acts of courage, bravery and assistance to the department in 2018”, per a SPD press release.

The William Herndon Award, the Silver Suarez Award and the Abraham Lincoln Award were presented to department members.

Plain-clothes officers who perform a distinguished act of police work can earn the Herndon award. For 2018, it went to investigative work by detectives in solving a homicide that seemed at first to be a drug overdose. Winners were Detectives Russ Lehr, Michael Mazrim, Chuck Redpath and Jason Sloman.

The Silver Suarez Award goes to uniformed officers who perform a distinguished act of police work. Officer Ed Higginson went “above and beyond his normal duties”, the department said, to save a person’s life in a medical emergency.

The department gives the 2018 Abraham Lincoln Award to an officer who shows initiative when they create or take part in a program that significantly betters quality of life in the community. Officer Lamar Moore won that award for his 2018 school supply drive, which led to over 300 children getting backpacks filled with items for school, along with free haircuts and entertainment.

Officers Paul Carpenter and Ryan Montcalm were also recognized for “tenacity and investigative efforts” leading to identifying and arresting an armed robbery suspect.

“The Springfield Police Department commends these officers as well as every officer in the department for their daily hard work and dedication to the city of Springfield,” the department said.

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