DECATUR, Ill. (WAND) – Two people accused of stealing from Walmart multiple times over the summer are in custody.

Police said 51-year-old Leslie D. Vieweg and 35-year-old Garett P. Hosier could be seen on security cameras in the Walmart (4625 E. Maryland St.) self-checkout lanes on June 9, June 16 and July 21. Both suspects face multiple charges of retail theft.

In both June cases, police said security video showed Vieweg and Hosier scanning items with craft felt sheet bar codes placed over the original bar codes on products, causing them to be scanned for far less than their actual cost. The scans on June 9 resulted in $136.41 in under-ringed items, while a total of $64.73 was under-ringed on June 16, according to sworn statements.

Police said footage showed Hosier acting as a lookout while Vieweg scanned the items both times.

On July 21, statements said an asset protection officer at Walmart found Vieweg and Hosier not scanning items in the self-checkout lanes. They said two items in the cart on that day had wrong bar code stickers on them, which were placed over the original bar codes. Police said the suspects tried to leave the last point of sale with products that weren’t scanned.

Officers said they found two felt bar code stickers in Hosier’s pocket during a search before his arrest.

Records show Hosier has two past larceny convictions on his record. Vieweg has a past conviction for retail theft.

Bail for each suspect is set at $9,000.