URBANA, Ill. (WAND) – Urbana police issued a warning about carrying BB guns after they stopped minors carrying what appeared to be real guns.

Officers said they took a call Sunday from a person concerned about an armed person in the neighborhood. Police responded and found multiple people – the oldest of whom was 16 – carrying BB guns.

“Our officers are thoroughly trained in how to approach and disarm potentially dangerous individuals without using force,” police said on Facebook. “In this case, the individuals complied with all of our commands and no one was injured.”

Even though nobody was hurt, Urbana officers said people walking around with items that look like guns can cause problems, as it is “nearly impossible” to tell the difference. A picture attached to this story showed the guns police found at the scene.

“We urge parents and guardians to talk with their kids about the dangers of walking around with any type of BB or airsoft guns in their waistbands,” officers said. “No good can come from it.”