Alvin D. Bond

Alvin D. Bond, 33 

DECATUR, Ill. (WAND) – A suspicious package containing nearly two pounds of meth led to a Decatur man’s arrest, police say.

The package, addressed to a ”Manuel Madina” at 1450 N. Monroe St. in Decatur, was examined after officers say a USPS inspector took note of how the package was heavily taped at all seams and had a masking agent smell coming from it. The inspector called in a K-9 officer from the Postal Inspection Service St. Louis Field Office to take a closer look.

Investigators served a search warrant on the package after the K-9 gave a positive alert on the box and found over 1.9 pounds of ice meth – an amount sworn statements say has a street value of about $89,000.

The box had a return address from a PO Box in Calexico, Calif., and police say research showed the sender name of “Mario Rodriguez” was a false name. They conducted a controlled delivery at the Monroe Street home on Wednesday afternoon, where they say Alvin D. Bond, 33, picked up the package and brought it inside.

Police say Bond admitted to arranging for someone to send him the drugs from Mexico and told them he still owed the seller $9,000 for them.

Bond faces one charge of meth trafficking and two counts of violating the controlled substance act. His bond is set at $100,000 in Macon County.