rural king

(WAND) – Rural King Supply said Wednesday it will continue to support the 2nd Amendment and sell guns at its stores.

Following a push from other chain retailers to discontinue the sale of some weapon-related merchandise after recent gun violence across the U.S., the company announced it is “proud to stand” with rural Americans who are “defenders and supporters of our rights”.

Walmart announced it would stop selling most ammunition and added it would like customers to no longer openly carry guns in stores. On Aug. 3, a gunman killed more than 20 people at a Walmart store in El Paso, Texas. More gun violence on Aug. 31 led to seven deaths in Odessa, Texas.

Kroger also made the decision to also ask customers to stop openly carrying weapons in its locations.

“While some retailers are bowing to pressures involving the selling of firearms, Rural King will continue to sell firearms lawfully in all our stores and online at,” Rural King said.

Rural King added it will continue selling products its customers want and honor rural American traditions such as hunting, camping, fishing and other outdoor activities. Those things, it said, are “woven into the fabric of rural America”.

“We would like to thank you for shopping at Rural King and God Bless America,” the company said at the end of its letter.

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