MACON COUNTY, Ill. (WAND) - The second firearm deer season opens on Thursday in Illinois.

Illinois Conservation Police said during the first season, November 22-24, throughout the state the most common issue they found was people hunting without permission. Officer Trent Reeves said the advancements in trail cameras and technology have made it easier to catch hunters on people's property without their permission.

"It's kind of upped the number of people who get caught trespassing on people's property with these trail cameras basically everywhere now, so we do get a lot of complaints and probably a lot more complaints now that those trail cameras are becoming more popular."

In addition to trespassers, Officer Reeves said just a couple of weeks ago he received a tip that hunters were on city property in Decatur. He went to investigate an area right behind the WAND Studios along South Side Drive. Officer Reeves was able to track down three bow hunters.

"The city of Decatur doesn't allow any hunting on their property," said Officer Reeves. "There are conservation areas like Rock Springs and Sand Creek that do allow hunting, but the other city of Decatur property like what's behind us here (WAND), there is no hunting."

Officer Reeves said it's also important to remember property lines when tracking a deer. If a hunter shoots a deer and it travels across property boundaries onto somebody else's property they still need to get permission from that property owner.

"Even if you are going to leave your gun or bow and arrow behind and you're just going to track the deer onto their property you need to obtain permission from that person before you go forward."

He suggests before hunting, hunters should call the property owners surrounding the area they are hunting and ask them what they should if a deer was to go onto their property.

Finally, Officer Reeves said safety is a top priority, so hunters should always wear their orange during firearm season and they should always have a safety harness on when they are using a tree stand.

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