URBANA, Ill. (WAND) - Two guys have a tasty food tradition they keep coming back to.

Peter Elliott and Matt Jahnke are celebrating their eighth Wendiversary, their annual trip to Wendy's after being the first customers at the University of Illinois campus location in 2013.

Wendiversary is a permanent reminder on their calendars.

“Every year, I always look forward to Feb. 11. I have it marked in my calendar," said Jahnke.

“I have an annual thing in my calendar that says Wendiversary," said Elliott. 

It all started in 2013, when Wendy's opened on the U of I campus. Elliott and Jahnke were first in line.

"We decided we wanted to be the first customers at that Wendy's." Elliott said.

"We got the lawn chairs out, we were all ready to go the first time we went there, we got a free meal and they put a picture on the wall," Jahnke told WAND News.

And so, the tradition began. Feb. 11 is going down in history as their Wendiversary. 

After the on-campus location closed a few years back, they kept the tradition going by visiting other Wendy's in town.

"Every year just to celebrate the momentous occasion of being the first customers, we get Wendy's and we try to reflect on the year that was, even in a crazy year like this," Elliott said. 

They always try to order one Frosty each, including a vanilla flavored one for Elliott and chocolate for Jahnke. But as for their meal, they just like to see the menu and order what pops out to them that day. They said nothing can stop their tradition and that Wendiversary is their main priority every Feb. 11.

"We solidified Wendiversary as a legitimate thing. We might make t-shirts, maybe we’ll visit the world's largest Wendy's one year. We like to step up the game in different things," Jahnke said.

This tradition has no end in sight. Elliot said there is no end date on his calendar reminder.

"I'm excited to do it for as long as we live." Jahnke said. "I think this one is here to stay for a long time."

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