*The details of this story and the video above may be disturbing to some*

DECATUR, Ill. (WAND) – A large, violent fight in the middle of a Decatur street was all caught on camera, and community activists are concerned by what they saw.

“Who the f*** poppin’,” someone can be heard saying in the video after several shots were fired.

The fight took place near Clay and Jasper Streets, just blocks from where a 21-year-old was shot Wednesday night.

The fight involved several young adults and teens engaged in a fight.

"They really don't give a damn,” people in the video said. “They really don't. They really don't care."

The video was shared on Facebook and sent to WAND News by a viewer. Those behind the camera appeared to be concerned by what was happening.

“Stay in the house,” can be heard being said as the video played. “Get your sister. You all go in the house. Close the door."

Community activists that WAND News talked to were shocked by what they saw. Corey Walker is the President and Founder of the Black Illinois Chamber of Commerce and said the video was “very troubling to say the least."

In the video, those involved in the fight could be seen showing bricks, and body-slamming people to the ground. As the video approached the six-minute mark, the person recorded expressed serious concern by what was happened.

“Oh my God. Oh my God. Break that s*** up,” the could be heard saying. “Break that s*** up. Break that s*** up. Hell no. Break that s*** up. Hell no. Y'all doing too much. Come on man. Come on man. Break this s*** up. Come on man."

Walker said the violence displayed in the video is nothing new and is happening every day in America and in Decatur.

"It now goes from an argument to getting out a gun, to (a) gunshot, to a murder, to someone losing their life, to someone getting hurt,” he said.

Walker is calling for the community to come together, and that includes the parents of the youth involved in violence.

"The adults that were there did nothing,” he said. “It was disappointing, it was disheartening. We have to do better."

For Walker, that togetherness and action starts now.

"Whatever the plan of action is starts tonight,” he said. "I don't think we can wait."

The entire video posted on social media lasted nine minutes. In it, police were never heard being called or seen arriving. 

Decatur Police Chief Jim Getz said authorities are aware of this video and are investigating Friday. Police are working to catch the people responsible. 

Getz called the video "concerning" and added police are aware scenes like it happen too often.

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