Calvin Carson

Calvin Carson started the Big Kings basketball team as a way to give a home to teenagers who had no other place to turn.

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DECATUR, Ill. (WAND) -- "I will provide."

Coach Calvin Carson didn't have a lot of money (he's a landscaper by day) but he did have Scripture.

"Just give it to Him and that's what I do," he said.

He noticed that Decatur had a problem: a large group of kids who were cut from their school teams, had disciplinary issues and perhaps academic issues to boot. His solution? Give them a place where they belong. That's when he started the Big Kings basketball team.

In following the nudge to act, Carson teaches us that you don't need a million dollars to change lives. You just need faith.

To contribute to Carson's cause, write to:

Carson and Friends

1235 E. Olive

Decatur, IL 62526

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