ILLINOIS (WAND) - International Cultural Exchange Services Program (ICES) is still looking for host families for 200 international students. Right now, there are 15 teenagers from around the world set to head to Central Illinois for the school year. 

Angie reedy is a Field Manager for ICES. It's her job to act as a liaison between students, host families, and schools. She has hosted a student herself and she says she hopes others take the chance and host a student. 

"It just opens up kind of a different world and a different perspective," said Reedy. "We were able to host an exchange student this spring, and it brought something interesting into our family, because we were kind of seeing experiences through the eyes of a different person from a different culture for the first time." 

This new perspective is what first-time host Joy Lovell is hoping to get as well. Her 15-year-old student from Spain will arrive in Illinois next week. 

"I think that this opportunity is going to be just so rewarding," said Lovell. "I think that we will have this relationship with our student for our lifetime and it'll be fun to watch her grow and be a part of her life from here on out and I think other people should do this too"

Reedy says that this area has a particular draw to many students because it provides a lot of unique American experiences. 

"A lot of host families are wondering, why would a student want to come to the middle of Illinois, and, you know, they might hesitate and thinking, is this really going to be the experience that they want?" said Reedy. "I always assure them that definitely, because we have such a, like, typical American experience here."

She said Students are usually excited for experiences like going to prom or travelling around the area. The students who are still looking for host families come from all across the US. 

"We have a Spanish boy and girl who really wants to come to Illinois specifically," said Reedy. "We have Spanish kids, we have Italian, German, French, Korean, we have a Korean girl who we're really trying to place in our area."

If you are interested in becoming a host family, click here or contact Reedy at:

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