CHAMPAIGN, Ill. (WAND) - Saturday afternoon a Champaign man found a puppy trapped in a cage in a lake.

Bryant Fritz is a middle school teacher at Next Generation School and says he was out fishing when he saw a cage floating in Lake Kaufman.

"As I was walking. I noticed there was something strange in the water and as I walked closer I noticed that there was a dog crate in the corner," said Fritz.

He says once he got closer, he realized there was an animal inside.

"I started taking off my layers of sweatshirts. It was about waist deep and she started shaking really really bad."

He says there wasn't anyone around and was shocked no one had seen her before him. He could tell she had been out there for a while.

"Her paws were completely gone and she was shaking uncontrollably."

He says he rushed her to the U of I Vet. He thought she wasn't going to make it--luckily, she did.

Now he is sending out one message to the public.

"If they're in a situation where they can't responsibly take care of a pet. There are other options."

The University of Illinois Veterinary Teaching Hospital says the puppy is doing OK.

Fritz is hopeful he can adopt the puppy once she's been cleared from the hospital.

"One of my dogs passed away a few years ago so he's been a little bit lonely. I've been to the shelters and I always told myself whenever I was walking through the shelter and I found the right reason to adopt I would. This feels like the right reason to me."

The Champaign Police Department opened an investigation into the case on Monday. 

They say, they are aware of this "weekend's terrible and senseless act of animal cruelty where a caged do was found drowning on Kaufman Lake."

Police say they were not contact at the time of the incident but after further investigating they are actively pursuing to identify the person responsible. 

Anyone with surveillance cameras in the area are urged to contact police at 27-351-4545.