Rodney Walker

DECATUR, Ill. (WAND)- Rodney Walker announced his resignation as City Councilman Friday afternoon.

Walker, who has been on the council for three years now, posted to social media that he will be resigning his seat.

Walker states in his post, "Unfortunately, my position as an elected official has hindered me in several opportunities due to being a conflict of interest. Language and laws were put into place many moons before my existence. I would never expect any special treatment or think of having my team adjust laws for my well-being. Laws are laws, and I’m not above them."

He continued to say, "In order for me to continue my existence in the City of Decatur I must free my hands and be able to continue to invest in our community when opportunities arise. I admit if I were aware of the limitations from the beginning then I would have never ran for City Council. That’s my fault and I can live with that. The same way I can live with every decision I voted on as your Councilman."

His complete official statement is posted on his Facebook page.

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