SPRINGFIELD, Ill. (WAND)- Representatives of community and health groups are learning how to help HIV positive prison inmates reenter society.

Organizers are holding the 2019 Illinois Reentry Conference at the University of Illinois Springfield.

The event is sponsored by the Community Reentry Project, organized by the Public Health Institute of Metropolitan Chicago and funded by the Illinois Department of Public Health. Speakers are leading workshops on addressing stigmas in health and community settings, mental health, health equity and social justice, discharge planning, myths about incarceration and more.

“These collaborations are important not only to make sure these people lead productive lives, but if they do have HIV/AIDS or Hepatitis C, we can fight that and we can help them get into treatment,” said Marcus King, civic engagement advisor for the Illinois Comptroller’s Office. “We hope to prevent more cases of the disease going forward.”

The event ran Tuesday and Wednesday.