Decatur drug bust suspect could walk free Thursday

DECATUR- Almost a year after police arrested Keith Halliburton, a judge ruled February 15th, the evidence used to link him to the crime cannot be used in court. 

Halliburton was facing two separate Class X felonies and nearly 9-80 years in prison. But, recently his team of lawyers at Johnson Law Group LLC. were able to dig enough into the case they found the protocol police used to arrest Halliburton was flawed. The procedure during search and seizure was incorrect. 

Attorney for Halliburton, Todd Ringel said, "all their evidence has been deemed inadmissible by trial so you cannot get a guilty verdict from a jury or a judge."

Police worked with a United States Postal worker to embed a tracking device into packages that held 27 pounds of pot and 1/4 kilo of cocaine. However, because Halliburton did not open the packages their efforts failed. 

Ringel added, "they were not open and therefore when the police stopped mister Halliburton they didn't have probable cause."

Halliburton is expected to be released February 23rd at 10:00 A.M.  pending a dismissal or appeal by the State's Attorney's office.