MACON COUNTY, Ill. (WAND) – A man accused of stabbing his brother while driving is in Macon County custody Wednesday.

Sworn statements from law enforcement say 33-year-old Anthony Rivera and 37-year-old William Rivera were arguing in a car after 9:30 p.m. Tuesday. William was in the back seat on the passenger side, deputies say, while Anthony was driving and a pregnant woman sat in the front passenger seat.

As they argued while the car moved along U.S. Route 51, deputies say William Rivera punched Anthony Rivera in the face at least once, causing Anthony to respond by “aggressively” stabbing William three times. With nobody steering, the car started to violently drift side-to-side near the Route 48 exit.

Statements say Anthony then pulled the car over and the two brothers got out while continuing the argue. They say Anthony was “running around and screaming” on the road before getting back into the car and driving away, leaving William behind.

Deputies say William had cuts on his right hand, forearm and neck. He was hospitalized after law enforcement caught up with him near the Route 48 exit.

Anthony Rivera faces an aggravated domestic battery charge, while William Rivera is charged with domestic battery, reckless conduct and violation of parole. Bond for each person is set at $10,000.