EFFINGHAM, IL (WAND) - Firefly Grill, a farm-to-table restaurant in Effingham, is closing its doors until warmer weather comes again.

With much deliberation, owners Kristie and Niall Campbell said to do curbside would go against their brand and mission of presenting an experience, not just food. 

"[Doing curbside and delivery] was pretty demoralizing for the staff ... it's kind of like putting on a play for an empty theater," said Kristie Campbell.

"It's been heartbreaking and devastating on some days not to be able to do what we love", Kristie said.

The employees were a big consideration when deciding what to do to face the effects of the pandemic on the restaurant. 

"There's so much that goes into all of it. We've been in communication with all of our employees weekly," Niall said.

However, they are using this time away from the restaurant to grow the business and their relationships with family.

"[Normally] in the restaurant business we don't really get to slow down very much," Niall said.

Owners are working on improvements for the restaurant so they will be ready when they reopen. 

"I'm working on a lot of recipes, but we're going to be building out, we're actually going to be adding about 2,500 square feet to our building," Niall said.

In the meantime, the owners said people can support local businesses that have temporarily closed by purchasing gift cards, which some of their customers have already done. 

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